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Planning Digital Product

Product at planning stage...

This is probably the best time to talk to us!

Make your product user experience usable + useful by getting us involved from the start.

UI Mockups Ready

UI Design mockups done.

Can we check em out? Please? :)

We're certain it's a great UI design. But is it usable and useful? We can check it out to improve the UX.

Planning MVP Launch

Planning MVP launch party!

So exciting! How do we access it?

We can conduct Usability Reviews and Usability Tests, to suggest ways the MVP will truly rock!

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Products need to be intuitive and must be easy to understand and enjoyable for its users. It sounds simple enough, but if we translate the previous sentence into business terms, it reflects powerful benefits.

Product Design

We take a holistic and research-based approach to design products that engage consumers in a natural way. We often work directly with engineering teams and management to design usable + useful products.

Obscure, in a nutshell...
Ahmed ShujaSyma AhmedShajeea ShujaRashid MughalNaila FahadJabran SaeedAnam AhmadMohsin Rohani

We are a nimble team of Usability, Marketing, Visual Design, and Engineering peeps! We're often asked "why the name Obscure?". Well, dictionaries define the English word “obscure” as ambiguous or uncertain. We define Obscure, ourselves, as a bunch of people who love to challenge ambiguity and uncertainty. We believe there is no harm in reinventing the wheel, if you must, to keep the UX simple and nimble!

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