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    If you're really serious about getting us involved, express your interest! Open the linked worksheet. Answer as many questions as possible, and we'll respond within 48hrs.
    NOTE: By opening the link you agree that you have full intention to sign a mutual Non Disclosure Agreement before we share a proposal with you.

Interested in training only? Email us at training@obscureux.com

Other reasons to connect:

  • We're fun to hangout with
  • We brew only the finest available coffee beans
  • You want Ahmed Shuja to come speak at an event
  • You want to learn about UX
  • You want to partner with us to attract clients
  • You're looking for a job
  • You want to purchase our whitepapers and reports

Email: hello@obscureux.com

Product at Planning Stage

Brilliant timing! Competitor and Task analyses to Usability Testing and customized UX Training for your design and engineering teams, are just an email away! Express your interest in working with us.

UI has already been designed

This is still a good time to discover if there are any issues with the design. Once the development/ engineering kicks-in, changing the design generally becomes too expensive.

Ready for launch

All the best! Software QA is one thing, Usability Testing is another. If you're not sure the product is meeting it's target audiences' requirements, give us a shout!

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