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Product Design

Product Design work at Obscure begins with identifying the context, creating the concept, and setting the stage for something big. We then work out the little details (that really matter), the optimum interactions and experience making it simple for the development team(s) to take the reins. We can then keep working with your team(s) assessing their work, as they go along, and educating them about design and implementation best practices to ensure your product is a success.

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Designers often make great UIs that look good to a passive observer. However, various usability issues come up when consumers actually interact with the design. These issues can be discovered through usability testing or evaluations conducted by experts. Testing is expensive and time consuming whereas an expert evaluation presents a quick fix. We can help identify issues within your product design and UI that scare away potential customers everyday, lower your sales and induce bad publicity.

Tools and Technologies we use
Adobe Fireworks, Illustrator, Dreamweaver. OmniGraffle, Balsamiq, PHP, JS, CSS, HTML5, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel. Usability DIY, Basecamp, Paper & Pencil, Whiteboard, Google Analytics, Docs.

Not just the UI... we design the UX.

What's the difference between UI and UX? Read Ahmed Shuja's article ›

Our work goes beyond “catchy” taglines, “glossy” advertisements and “flashy” websites. Our work is user focused, not industry specific. Behavioral research and client involvement enable us to understand each industry we deal with. User Research is an integral part of our work philosophy and company ethos. With research we are able to pinpoint the needs, wants, perceptions + limitations of the end users to help identify how to improve the UX.

Experiences We Design

- Corporate portals
- Enterprise-class Desktop software
- Mobile Apps
- Social Media Platforms
- Shopping + Funding Platforms
- Mission Critical Web apps

Usability is the inverse measure of frustration caused by technology or other systems

Usability Testing + Ethnography

Usability Testing is an irreplaceable usability practice that generates input about how real users interact with products and it brings to light the problems they might face in its usage. It focuses on measuring the capacity of a product to meet the needs of the intended users. For those who are not ready for lab based or remote usability testing with real users, we can always get our Usability Consultants to review your product to evaluate the subjective usability.

Usability Reviews + Analyses

Giving us some form of access to the UIs (mockups or a functional prototype) enables us to assess the needs and recommend evaluation technique(s) ideal to ensure goals of all stakeholders will be met. The resulting reports provide areas of weakness, most critical issues and include specific recommendations on improving the usability and visibility of the information on the UIs and processes. We enjoy conducting both summative and formative evaluations. Our favorite techniques:

Cricital Incident, Think Aloud, Contextual Inquiry, Cognitive Walkthrough, Nielsen's Heuristics

Usability Training + Workshops

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Build your team’s capacity + professional skill set with comprehensive + practical Usability courses. Our courses are customized to fit your business needs. The customization may include a context driven training, where your own project/software is the context. Essentially, along side teaching your team concepts + approaches we will advise to improve the product that you are building.

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Benefits of Usability at a glance

  • Discover errors and areas for improvement
  • Watch how your customers use your product
  • Get actionable feedback
  • Increase sales + conversion rates
  • Decrease support requests
  • Improve user satisfaction
  • Increase workplace efficiency and productivity
  • Decrease learning time
  • Decrease downtime resulting from bugs and system crashes

Human Centered Product Design increases the success factor of Digital Products

Complete Product Design

Also read as, THE service for Start-ups!

We are excited about working on new ventures in the digital medium with like minded individuals. It’s always better to get us on board early into your entrepreneurial effort. This allows us to help you shape your product strategy a.k.a your business strategy. We can then ensure that your efforts will be customer focused, optimized, and in the future will save you a lot of money over development costs and headaches from customer support .

Service and Product Design

Collaborating with Us

We can get involved at any stage of the product lifecycle, however it’s best to get us on board during the preliminary stages so that your product gets designed from the ground up for optimal use by all stakeholders. We will work with your internal product team(s) to create the product definition and intended human centered use cases. We can also guide your team on the software requirement specifications from a true user centered perspective.

Creating visually aesthetic websites, applications (web, desktop, or mobile) and intranets does not entirely fulfill the requirements of end users. The crucial thing is to create a product that has usable + meaningful functions encoded in its DNA. Your product or service should be something people actually want to use. You can involve us at the ideation stage, the detailed design (visual design) stage or any stage in between. It's never too late to identify issues, iterate and refine.

The stuff we do to design usable + useful products

- Interaction Design
- Information Architecture
- Product Definition
- Product Development Consulting

Get us on-board early!

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase productivity
  • Minimize loss in sales
  • Reduce customer support costs
  • Reach a consensus + make quicker decisions
  • Get contribution from all stakeholders
  • Make informed decisions about your product
  • Identify issues in system design in advance
  • Save millions on rework costs

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